e sober buddy - Latest Blog Comments http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog en-us Blogging for Sobriety - Esther <p>Thank you so much for this site. It has helped me a lot today.</p> Tue, 20 Jun 2017 12:35:08 -0400 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4357790 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4357790 Blogging for Sobriety - esoberbuddy <p>Some helpful prayers I use to work on my character defects: <br />&quot;I surrender the right to objectify this person; please take it away Lord.&quot; (great prayer when I feel lust) <br />&quot;God bless her and give her what she needs; thy will be done in her life.&quot; (this has the power of giving rather than taking) <br />&quot;Whatever it is I'm really looking for Lord, let me find it in YOU!&quot; (this works well for resentment, anger, fear, judging attitude, etc.) <br />&quot;Lord, let this person find what I would want for myself.&quot; (Great prayer for resentment and anger towards another person) <br />&quot;You know my heart Lord, how I really want to act out. I send it away to you Lord. Come be victorious over it. I don't want any of it -- conscious or subconscious. I want you to bear it for me. Please keep me sober from all my obsessions today and tonight.&quot; </p> Mon, 28 Nov 2016 07:29:11 -0500 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4306812 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4306812 Blogging for Sobriety - James N. W <p>As I am blessed to be sober, or dry these two years, I must not just hold on to my blessings. With this blog site I will begin the process of sharing with all interested parties the goodness and the power of my Lord and Saviour Jesus. I will begin today with thanksgiving for the knowledge that there is no way for me or you to manipulate or bargain with God to give me the things I desire. Jesus, with His Supreme Sacrifice, has for once and for all satisfied God and brought favor between God and man. He stands between us and God and it is only He who can intercede on our behalf to deliver our praise, our hopes and desires, our repentance, in order for us to receive forgiveness, it's not up to us to do anything but rely on His intercession. We will sin; we are sinners. Almost anything we do but pray can become sin, we need to be forgiven. Jesus has made it possible, He has united us with our Creator, the only One who truly understands just what we are all about. </p> Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:58:04 -0400 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4232543 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4232543 Blogging for Sobriety - e sober buddy <p>Ask every morning of your God: &quot;Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?&quot; </p> <p>Before you go into work, into a meeting, into a party or into any situation at all, consciously blast everyone who is going to be there with love. Just as light casts out darkness, so does love cast out fear. You can't send love to someone and, at the same time, worry about what they will think about you, fear what's going to happen or succumb to controlling, judgmental or manipulative thoughts. The presence of love literally casts out neurotic, fear-based thoughts. </p> <p>As you go through the day, anywhere you might be, look at someone's face and silently say to them, &quot;The love in me salutes the love in you.&quot; I defy you to do this for two minutes each day and not become happier. </p> <p>Read more: <a href="http://www.oprah.com/spirit/How-to-Be-Spiritually-Fit-Marianne-Williamson#ixzz3TQIVkHQO">http://www.oprah.com/spirit/How-to-Be-Spiritually-Fit-Marianne-Williamson#ixzz3TQIVkHQO</a></p> Wed, 04 Mar 2015 08:28:04 -0500 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4230279 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4230279 Blogging for Sobriety - James Wesley <p>I am 2 years without a drink of alcohol, I believe I can live out my life, however many years that may be, without alcohol and/or drugs. My problem is living from day to day. Doing some good for those in my path. I must be the most selfish, self-centered son-of-a-buck ever born. I only have one brain, but when I really try to be helpful, when I give from my heart, I don't understand why my pain increases, why my financial quicksand swamp pulls me in deeper. I am 65 years old. I got my third DUI Nov. 2, 2012. That's why I don't drink any more. I didn't want to go to jail for 10 years. I am a full-time student preparing to graduate after March so I can get back to the workforce and pay some of these overdue bills, and current bills that don't give a rat's patootie about my health, about my pain, my higher aspirations, these folks want to be paid, and paid what they are owed, and all of that on time month after month PEROID I haven' been to a meeting for at least a month, and I feel so disconnected. I go to school Mon.-Thur. Homework is killing me, I should be writing a threaded discussion I've missed for week 3 and 4, but I just wanted to pray all the bad feelings, and disappointment, and shame and sorrow away, I got no room for another pity-pot. I say I believe that God will make a way, what if I'm too stupid to realize the plan in front of my face?? I've lived stupid one-day-at-a-time until now anyway. I feel better, I've had my temper tantrum, it's all about me anyway, RIGHT??? Thank God for all the goodness He has blessed each of us alcoholics with so far these last 24 hours. I look forward to bed and a good sleep with His love and protection until..........</p> Tue, 27 Jan 2015 18:58:32 -0500 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4227665 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4227665 Blogging for Sobriety - Avery <p>Thanks for your enthusiasm and abstinence.</p> Mon, 12 Jan 2015 08:58:12 -0500 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4226793 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4226793 Blogging for Sobriety - James N. W <p>I should have gone to work yesterday, but I prayed too long, I was late and missed the bus. This morning, I was on time, but I forgot my bus pass. I really am in financial difficulty, my phone may get disconnected today, I have two loans due this past Wednesday, I need help I don't know how to ask for, wouldn't know how to use properly if I had it. I'm not giving up, I'm so confused though. I'll have two years sober January 2, 2015. I'm stuck on the 4th step, and nothing makes any sense! Living is just gibberish, I go on, but why? Everything seems to go on too, nothing is connected, I have no center. I'll be o k. Going to have some bacon &amp; eggs and toast. God, bless recovering alcoholics to bless those being killed by the disease. May we do your will always.</p> <p></p> Sun, 14 Dec 2014 07:07:05 -0500 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4225471 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4225471 Blogging for Sobriety - cheri <p>HI Bob. This is Cheri. Nice meeting you yesterday at our friend's event before the meeting. Just checking out your sight. Thanks for telling me about it and thanks also for the info on the books.</p> Mon, 24 Mar 2014 23:06:58 -0400 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4207049 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4207049 Blogging for Sobriety - Mike J <p>Greetings, all, I didn't see a link or address for reporting this directly to &quot;esoberbuddy&quot;, so I'm posting here. The link on the &quot;Addiction Help &amp; Recovery&quot; page for Emotions Anonymous (<a href="http://www.mtn.org/EA">http://www.mtn.org/EA</a>) did not work for me, but I have up-to-date info: <br /> Emotions Anonymous International <br /> PO Box 4245, St. Paul MN 55104-0245 <br /> Phone: (651) 647-9712 <br /> Fax: (651) 647-1593 <br /> <a href="http://emotionsanonymous.org/">http://emotionsanonymous.org/</a> <br /> mailto:<a href="mailto:info2gh99jsd@emotionsanonymous.org">info2gh99jsd@emotionsanonymous.org</a></p> Mon, 10 Mar 2014 15:03:16 -0400 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4206302 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4206302 Blogging for Sobriety - What are we recovering? <p>A question was posed the other day in a 12 step meeting: &quot;What exactly are we recovering?&quot; Good question. How can you recover something you may never known or had? Webster defines recovery: As the act or process of becoming healthy after an illness or injury. Recovery, therefore, is about becoming healthy -- that's what I'm supposed to be gaining! </p> <p>I have learned in recovery that I have two selves: My false self exemplified by my Addict and my true self -- exemplified by being the person God intends me to be. In a sense, my recovery is about becoming my healthy self -- my true self. Being un-recovered or unhealthy means that I am not the best version of myself -- I am my false self. So today, I am recovering my true self -- by trying to be the person God intends me to be. </p> <p>esoberbuddy</p> Sun, 05 Jan 2014 09:38:19 -0500 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4202042 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4202042 Blogging for Sobriety - Both what you run away from — and yearn for -- is with in you. <p>Wow. The only thing I know that I run from and that I yearn for is God! Wow. So profound. So within me, I can find the peace, contentment and serenity that eludes me everywhere else? Is it really that simple? My prayer today then -- May I stop and embrace that which is within me today. </p> Mon, 02 Dec 2013 06:51:25 -0500 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4200218 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4200218 Blogging for Sobriety - e sober buddy <p>Resistance. That word captures for me everything that I'm feeling about life. I'm resistant to change. I'm stuck. I don't want to commit to a more full and complete life. Emotionally, physically, even spiritually I feel like I'm running on empty. Life just seems like drudgery -- problems abound. What to do? How do I get out of resistance and move forward? I think it starts with Gratitude and Acceptance. Today I'm grateful for my job. Yesterday I met with a fellow-addict and father of three who has been unemployed for 2 years. I'm grateful for my family. They remain an inspiration to me. I see how hard all of them work to better their own lives and I can only be inspired by their determination. I'm grateful for my faith and my faith community. I'm grateful to have a sales team that 'gets it' and is delivering an above plan performance. I'm grateful for my love of history, writing and this website. I'm grateful for the way I look. I'm grateful for parents who are well into their 80s. I'm grateful for dogs as they give me another outlet to demonstrate my love. I'm grateful for my addiction as it has given me a second chance to learn how to love, forgive and be a better spouse and father. </p> <p>In terms of being an addict ... well, I accept that I must practice the tools of recovery each and everyday or I will lose my sobriety. I accept that I have to make calls, go to meetings, do service work, do prayer and meditation -- and the next right thing. I accept that I don't have enough money all the time. I accept that both my cars broke down last week. I accept that work is crazy and getting crazier. I accept my role in my acting out and the damage that it has caused to my relationship with my wife. I accept that the road to recovery will not be easy. I accept my present circumstance. I accept life on life's terms. </p> <p>Lord, I pray that you help me let go of my resistance. </p> Fri, 22 Nov 2013 08:19:31 -0500 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4199565 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4199565 Blogging for Sobriety - e sober buddy -- God's Gift to Us and My Gift to Him <p>The person we are upon waking in the morning is God’s gift to us; the person we are upon reclining at night is our gift to God. How do I use the talents that God gave me for the benefit of others? </p> Wed, 20 Nov 2013 07:43:34 -0500 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4199435 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4199435 Blogging for Sobriety - e sober buddy - I know who I am! <p>If I know who I am, then I know who I am not. I am not my transgressions. I am not my lies. I am not my fears. I am not my doubts. Yes I am a sinner, but that is NOT who I am. I am created in the image and likeness of God; I am blessed with a dignity and worth that, since it was given by God, nobody or no one can take away; I am a beloved child of God: that’s who I belong to.</p> Tue, 19 Nov 2013 06:50:18 -0500 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4199355 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4199355 Blogging for Sobriety - e sober buddy <p>From answers in the Heart ...</p> <p>There's a difference between being alone and being isolated. Learning how to be alone is a risk, but it's worth taking. When we are content with what we're doing, solitude restores us. Looking out the window at a tree is productive if it nurtures us. </p> <p>We find out who we are by spending time alone. It gives us the chance to think, to dream, to talk with our Higher Power. It enable us to know the wonder of who we are. Alone, we can experience self acceptance, direction, wisdom, and peace. Alone, we can be created anew. But to isolate is to risk self-destruction. Which will it be today? </p> <p>I will take time for myself today. I need not fear to be alone because I never am. esb</p> Sun, 20 Oct 2013 11:22:01 -0400 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4198083 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4198083 Blogging for Sobriety - e sober buddy -- God's Will <p>Recovery consists simply of two things, two endeavors, -- the endeavor to know God's will and the endeavor to do it when we know it. </p> Mon, 23 Sep 2013 08:40:28 -0400 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4196981 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4196981 Blogging for Sobriety - Humility and Patience with the One You Love <p>There was a woman whose ministry in her church was to help couples getting married or those celebrating 25th or 50th anniversaries to prepare their liturgy. She said that for those who were getting married, the most frequently selected passage was the one from first Corinthians about love. However, those who had been married a long time gravitated toward the passage from Ephesians that spoke of bearing with one another in all humility and patience.</p> <p>Thomas Merton wrote in Seeds of Contemplation that, “as long as we are on earth, the love that unites us will bring us suffering by our very contact with one another because this love is the resetting of a body of broken bones–even saints cannot live with saints on this earth without some anguish. Without some pain at the differences that come between them.”</p> <p>When starting a new venture like getting married, beginning a new job, becoming a new parent, we experience a surge of determination and even enthusiasm. As time goes on and routine sets in, we find it hard to keep going and disillusionment can set it. How do we recognize that God is still with us? How do we commit ourselves to being in this for the long haul?</p> <p>How do we stay at peace with one another, and with ourselves?</p> Tue, 04 Jun 2013 08:39:22 -0400 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4184354 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4184354 Blogging for Sobriety - Consolation or Desolation? <p>St. Ingnatius Loyola would say that we should always remember the moment in our prayer where there was consolation so that in times of desolation we might recall that we are present to God even if only sometimes. Today -- take a moment and recall when you have felt God's presence. How might you savor these moments of consolation as you go forward in life? </p> Mon, 06 May 2013 08:42:16 -0400 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4181844 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4181844 Blogging for Sobriety - Trust & Hope <p>I read an article this morning that simply said that if I &quot;couldn't trust, then I wouldn’t be able to hope.&quot; The two are linked. My own ability to trust God waxes and wanes depending on circumstances. Today I will spend some time in prayer asking God to increase my trust in his love for you and the world he created. He loves both deeply.</p> <p>Lord, the greater my trust in you, the greater my hope in all aspects of my life. May I always move with the assurance of your presence in the details of my life. And I pray to you, that I surrender my “Yes” and though my faith may ebb and flow, ultimately I will choose whatever leads to deepening your life in me. </p> Mon, 08 Apr 2013 09:30:07 -0400 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4180430 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4180430 Blogging for Sobriety - Going to Meetings <p>I find myself occasionally talking myself out of going to meetings. Let's face it, meetings can get mundane and stale. But they can also be inspirational and grounding. Many a meeting has helped me stay sober. I know when I don't go to meetings I disconnect from the group, from my buddies and sometimes from sobriety. My meeting is 30 miles away. I have to drive through downtown Atlanta and it usually takes me 45 minutes one-way to get there. All told the time commitment for every meeting I attend is 3 hours. When I contrast that to 168 hours in a week -- it seems miniscule by comparison. At best - when I'm devoting 3 days a week to meetings -- that's 9 hours a week practicing humility and contributing to my sobriety and that of others. How many hours a week did I used to act out?? I dare say there were a few days that I would spent more than 9 hours acting out. So now, I keep meetings as a topline behavior for myself. I consider them a gift of sobriety. They help me gain a 'daily reprieve' from my addiction. Without meetings and the fellowship of the group - I would slip back into isolation and live within the confines of my own head. The meeting space inside my head only accomodates one -- and a meeting takes two. Give yourself the gift of a meeting today. </p> Wed, 30 Jan 2013 09:18:14 -0500 http://www.esoberbuddy.com/blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4140303 /blog/entry/1877323/blogging-for-sobriety#comment4140303